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August 2016

The Integration Process

Aker / Able MAJ posted Oct 11, 15


So how does your character become part of our unit? This will hopefully help clear up some misconceptions and create a better understanding of how your character will be integrated into our guild.

Post-application and approval phase.

DURATION: 1-2 hours.
RANK CHANGE: None, mos new candidates and recruits arrive at any rank between Private (PV1) and Lance Corporal (LCPL).

After being invited to the guild in-game, we'll likely invite you to come to our unit headquarters to have your character in-processed. Most characters are usually fresh out of basic training, however, some transfer from other units. But all will arrive in the same fashion. New recruits typically arrive with all their gear loaded into duffle bags that they drag along behind them.

Here, new recruits are assigned a basic ID number, using a basic system designed by Nasca. Here's a link to the thread.

After being given their ID number, the recruits are taken on a small tour of the unit's headquarters building, explained the basic rules for candidates, assigned a 'buddy' which they will team with, and then situated in the barracks.

At this point, the new recruits officially begin their candidacy.

2.) I.E.T. (Initial Entry Training)
DURATION: 2-4 weeks.
RANK CHANGE: Some candidates that display leadership qualities, or show other strong traits and potential may be promoted up to the rank of Corporal (CPL).

Despite likely having received training prior to arriving at the unit, new candidates will be given several basic classes to help them better serve within the unit. While some of the more interesting classes will be taught in-game through RP (Combatives, Force-on-force training, etc), the more dull subjects will be reserved to forums posts for review (I.E. customs and courtesies, ICMJ, and basic tactics).

During this time, candidates are on a 'probationary' like status, in which they are prohibited from drinking, and traditionally aren't allowed to participate in unit operations, although some exceptions may be made.

3.) Assessment and Selection ("Selection")
DURATION: 1-3 hours.
RANK CHANGE: Upon completion of 'Q', candidates are promoted to the rank of Sergeant (SGT) within 1 week.

The Assessment and Selection is an IC training event that will test and allow characters leading in the guild to evaluate the characters participating in all the major skills and tasks that they expect an operator to be proficient in. These skills and tasks are tested and evaluated in three phases: Red phase: Direct Combat, Green Phase: Zone Reconnaissance, Black Phase: Infiltration, and Grey Phase: Prisoner of war.


Starting Area

Red Phase: Direct Combat- In this first phase, candidates will fight directly against droids as they make their way down the stairs, and take a left at the railing. Continuing along, they will fight their way to the large wall straight ahead facing anywhere from 3-5 enemies that they will /roll20 to defeat using the standard rolling system we've always used. They should come to a large "fork lift" type droid that will act as the boss for this phase. Once they've defeated that droid, they'll move on down the dirt trail, past the few soldiers standing guard at an opening and stop just left of the fork in the road to begin their next phase.

Path downstairs to railing

Red Phase enemies

Bridge to dirt path

Red Phase Boss

Green Phase: Zone Reconnaissance- In order to test the characters ability in reconnaissance and reporting skills, they will be required to move through this phase of the Assessment and Selection without being observed by enemy personnel while accurately reporting things along the lines of: Rough number of enemy personnel, number of enemy vehicles, and type, number of buildings, type of weapons avaliable, general disposition and activity and recommended course of action. They'll also be told to call up three grids for air strikes to be delivered later in the mission. At one point they should be observed by an enemy soldier that they'll have to silence. Once they curve their way around the valley, and come to the lifts, they will enter the next phase.

Beginning of Green Phase

Continued Green Phase

Continued Green Phase

Continued Green Phase with end in the distance.

Begining of Black Phase. Go down elevator

Black Phase: Infiltration- Upon entering Black Phase, the candidate will have to negotiate through the enemy camp and work to conduct sabotage, and poisoning of enemy equipment and food and water sources. This means they can poison the water, or food and sabatoge vehicles, generators, weapons, or anything. Then they'll have to secretly detain and question an enemy soldier (Where a volunteer will come in) on the whereabouts of the leader of the enemy force. RP the interagation for a little bit. Not too long. I'd say no more than 15-25 minutes. The candidate will be ordered to kill the enemy, which will allow them to kill or let the enemy go for the leadership to evaluate. After that, they will be told to plant three sets of explosives in three areas throughout the camp and exfiltrate using the lift, and then using the second lift to the left of the cliff area. Once they are at that height, they will detonate the explosives and initiate the air strikes which will destroy all 6 targets at once. They then begin their final phase.

Base of elevators in Black Phase

Other half of Black Phase. Target to the left of building

Black Phase boss

Grey Phase: Prisoner of War- When they turn back to the trail, a Sith Lord should be waiting. Whatever dialogue happens is fine, but should lead to the Sith and Candidate fighting. The fight itself can go however but should ultimately end with the candidate subdued, despite putting up a good fight. The fight should last no longer than 15-25 minutes in the interest of time, and the fact that there will be another person right behind them waiting to move to that phase from Black Phase. Once they've been defeated, they'll move to the tent nearby and be interrogated by the volunteer cipher. The cipher should be, preferably, dressed in the Imperial agent looking getup that has the reflective face mask. Once again, a quick, but creative and interesting interrogation will take place and once it's over they will be released and told to go seek medical attention at the medical droid in the camp down the road.

LWFU (Lightsaber-Wielding Force User.) encounter site. Interrogation tent at far right of picture.

Interrogation Tent.

Guild Newcomer's Guide

Aker / Able MAJ posted Aug 9, 15

First off, Welcome to the 1-13th.

I'm Aker, the guild founder and leader an am known my quite a few other aliases an the like. Specifically I play the Unit's current commander, 2nd Lieutenant Saubio. I'm a combat wounded Army Veteran in real life, and also an avid role-player. As guild leader, I assume the responsibilities of tending to the general welfare of the guild, along with playing moderator and trying to make sure everyone is happy and having a good time. To help with this, I need your input on things. Did you actually read this? Did it just appear too long the moment you laid eyes on it? How did you find us? What do you think about the group as a whole? My door is always open to anyone, and if you ever have an issue with the guild, or in the guild, I strongly encourage you to approach me!

The mission of the 1-13th is simple..

We're a role-playing guild focused on the lives of Imperial soldiers. But we also thoroughly enjoy PvP and PvE, and all aspects of the game. But above all else, we're role-players, and here, role-playing comes first.

As a member of the guild, we're going to have certain expectations of our members. Below are some of those expectations, in no particular order.

1. Be respectful of others. Be courtesy and polite. And if you have an issue with someone else in the guild, try to settle it like an adult. If that proves incapable, bring it to the chain of command's attention.

2. Keep sexual themes out of guild RP and guild chat. Some people find it offensive, and it's best keeping it out of the guild as a whole.

3. Participate in events when you can, we all understand that real life comes first, but just keep in communication with us and let us know what's going on. The guild doesn't have an activity policy, but we'd prefer if you just keep us in the loop.

4. Follow the chain of command. Try to solve problems at the lowest level possible. Not everything has to be solved at the guild leader level.

5. Keep your role-play open to others. Don't be exclusive, we attract and bring in new members by being open with others.

6. Follow guild policies, and if you think one of them needs updating or changes, just let us know.

7. Have fun. Because that's why we play the game.

Guild Policies

Uniform Policy

The guild's uniform is important, it's vital that it be worn during official guild events, or if you intend on representing the unit.

So what is the uniform?

Standard Issue Combat Suit

Consists of the [imperial battle ace pilot jacket] which is a legacy bound chestpiece given out to all subscribers from when Galactic Star Fighter came out. Odds are you get it in the mail with every new character you make and throw it away. If you don't have this armor, or a similar piece, simply let us know and we'll work with you.

For this uniform we take the [imperial battle ace pilot jacket] and add a [deep red and black dye] of which there are many in the guild bank.

As long as you have the chest piece, you can wear any other leggings, boots, gauntlets, and helmets that you like, so long as they maintain a "reasonably uniformed appearance" (E.G. Don't wear a ridiculous Sith mask or other nonsense with the uniform.)

Upgraded Combat Suit

The upgraded uniform will include the [makeb assault trooper] set, with a [Black and Deep red dye] (We have tons in the guild bank).

Just as before, you are authorized to deviate from the set's gloves, boots, greaves, and helmet, so long as it doesn't detract from the "uniformed appearance".

Dress Uniform

Reserved for formal events, and casual wear, this uniform is any variation of the Imperial dress uniforms (E.G. the hooligan's set, or the Clandestine Officer's set) however, the primary uniform color -MUST BE BLACK-.

Authorized Weapons

Any, and all weapons are authorized for use. However the "Renegade Interceptor" blaster rifle (Obtained from the Agent storyline quest is preferred.

However, all members are asked to use Green color crystals in their weapons for uniformity.

Event Policy

1. All events attended by the guild, must have some involvement with the Empire. We're an Imperial Trooper guild.. This should be obvious.. but you would be surprised.

2. The Guild will not participate in Sith politics, and will not conduct plots or ploys against Sith. We fight for the Empire, and while we may choose to ally ourselves with Sith, and Sith groups, we will not join them if they launch an attack or plot against fellow Imperials. While being duped is acceptable, it is preferred if this intent is shared OOCly with the guild leadership.

3. Simply put.. we won't kill fellow Imperials.. Simple.. Once again, we won't kill fellow Imperials. If the event's story plot involves knowingly attacking fellow Imperials, then we will not participate.

4. Events that dramatically effect galaxy wide lore. E.G. We're not going to destroy Coruscant with a hidden briefcase nuke, or kill the entire senate, or assassinate Satele Shan, or anything ridiculous like that.

5. Events can always be recommended, and if there's one in queue that the guild doesn't agree with, it can be nullified with a majority vote.

The Unremembered Regiment

The Sith Empire has heros, whether it wants them or not. And while they may not fit the bill for traditional heroes, they’re the closest thing to it. Partly bad, partly good, most of Death’s Regiment are halfway on both ends, not saints or saviors, but they beat the spread. Throughout it’s long and sordid history, the Imperial 1-13th has taken on those whom the Empire had given up on, the soldiers no one expected to perform, let alone persevere. While it had had it’s blunders and made it’s mistakes, the regiment of misfits, unusuals, and has-beens managed to tie themselves into a cohesive, effective fighting force. But sometimes that’s not enough. In a galaxy that knew so much bloodshed, it turned out the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

The prior galactic standard year had started off rough, with grueling urban combat on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, as well as operations on Balmorra and Quesh, culminating in insurgency support operations on Ord Mantell. The Regiment had finished it’s tour with a score of scandals and unsatisfactory missions...and nobody noticed. At least, nobody of any real consequence. The 1-13th was just another unit lost in the shuffle of an unimaginably massive military machine, churning over and over again as it lumbered through hard vacuum towards the Republic. It was spared the kinds of crackdowns and decimation Sith were known to reward disappointment.

In the short-term, the failure of the Ord Mantell insurgency created a crisis of confidence within the regiment. Leaders were purged, reassignments handed out, and in the end the Imperial 1-13th found itself under entirely new management. From it’s regimental headquarters on Dromund Kaas, the Imperial 1-13th sat idle, awaiting new assignment. As it turned out, the wait did not last very long.

The Imperial 1-13th “Death’s Regiment” will be gearing up for a new campaign season in the coming weeks. Prior and current members are encouraged to stalk the website for event announcements. Newbies who might be interested, feel free to join the site.

Behind Enemy Lines


With the Regiment gathered in the briefing room, the time had finally come for Kevrin to tell them what he'd been hoping to avoid. They were going to war once more, on a grand scale which hadn't been seen since the first months of the war. This was only the first of many missions, but it still seemed like a colossal undertaking. Even before he could reach the end of the briefing, he was already being swarmed with questions about the operation. Would there be any support? What was the plan for extraction? Would they be given resupply? Unfortunately the answer to all of them were no. In the event they were captured by the enemy, there would be no rescue..

But thankfully the soldiers seemed to take in the hard news well, and it encouraged Aker. Perhaps his men were up to the challenge put before them. They were only days away now from the first phases of the operation. They'd be dropping into enemy controlled territory from deep space, and hopefully survive the re-entry into the atmosphere. But the even bigger challenge was managing to not be scattered for miles and separated from both their gear and each other. The planning and training would take time, but eventually they'd be ready.

The first phase in the operation was to conduct a thorough reconnaissance and locate main clusters of enemy troops and vehicles, along with identifying orbital defense and anti-aircraft weapon batteries scattered throughout the region. After relaying the information up to higher, the teams planetside would be forced to hold position for several days. Only mere minutes before the invasion was scheduled to begin, would they detonate charges on the defense batteries and hopefully cripple the Republic's defensive. The real trick was the survive the orbital bombardment from the Empire's capital ships, which would pummel the remaining surface resistance into oblivion.

With all due hope, their extraction would arrive within 24 to 48 hours after the invasion had begun. It was a lot to swallow all at once, especially when facing a task as monumental as this one. But the men and women of the 1-13th were resilient and capable, they'd accomplish their mission regardless of the odds stacked against them. Even if they met with success, they would go as unsung heroes, and the Operation its-self would remain shrouded in mystery and speculation, hidden deep within secure archives and redacted until it was nearly unintelligible.



- Wednesday, 10 September 2014 @ 8PM EST


- We will be linking up at the Dromund Kaas headquarters and then moving to Balmorra from there!


- The Regiment will be conducting it's first operation since returning home from Nar Shaddaa, they will be conducting O-R-I (Orbital Re-entry Insertion -- Orbital Jump coolguy stuff) to reach Balmorra's surface and then locate Republic defense batteries.


- All guild personnel are welcomed to attend and it is highly encouraged! I will be GM'ing the event and simultaneously RP'ing as Aker from time to time.


- Just as a warning, all characters that partake in this Operation will ICly be on Balmorra's surface for at least a week. In the evenings after the event, I'll likely organize a few people to do some RP there, just to give us something to do and keep our characters busy! The reason they will be stuck on Balmorra, is that once they've dropped in, there will be no other Imperial assistance on the ground and they will not be picked up by shuttle until after the invasion is underway.


- If your character is captured by Republic troops during this RP event, there will be dire consequences which we will have to discuss further. Most likely your character will be held until the Regiment is able to find and break them free.

- Also if your character is critically wounded, there will be no medevac on this mission. This means that serious injuries could possibly result in death (if consented) or other dire implications.

- I understand not many people are willing to let their character die or be captured, and I assure you that this will -never- be forced upon you. But if something bad does happen, we will need to discuss what type of consequences occur. In the end, it is your character, and you have the final say.


For the event, we will be using our regular roll system, along with modifiers granted from character sheets (Which I highly recommend people complete!)

- Tonight, I will also be adding an additional thread for this event which will give a list of 'Kits' that characters can carry. Because they're going to be on the surface for some time, some additional equipment may be required based on your character and the mission. This is mostly just an experimental idea I'm wanting to toy with. If it doesn't work as intended or if people feel it's unnecessary, then we likely won't include it again. So stay tuned for more details!

Stronghold Pictures

Aker / Able MAJ posted Aug 31, 14
A few pictures of our stronghold from the recent "Welcome Home Ceremony" held last week! Thanks to Hawkinz from the Star Shadow!

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